642 Things – 91: The next sound you hear and what caused it.

The beeping of the security badge swiper outside my work area. I sit near the secured door to our area, and every time someone wants to come in, they swipe their badge, it makes a beep, and I know to minimize anything on my computer that isn’t work related. I wouldn’t exactly get in trouble for surfing the net at work, but it just doesn’t look professional you know?

To be clear, apart from the lobby my entire building is a secured area that requires a badge to get in, and then some of those badges will get you into my area, and then inside of my area is an even more secure area where we keep all the servers and such. There’s a lot of badge beeping is the point I’m getting at. Luckily I’m not the kind of person who let’s that sort of thing drive him COMPLETELY INSANE!









Unlike my two books (“The Great Platypus Caper” and “The Coconut Monkey Horror”) I can not promise that each entry in my 642 things to write about series will be true stories drawn from my life, I’ll leave the amount of truth in each entry up to your imagination.
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