642 Things – 90: What’s stored in your closet?

Oh man. Clothes, lots of clothes. A tub full of LEGOs, some old comics, some video games that I don’t have room for on my living room shelves, a bunch of stuff from when I worked for the company that did a reboot of Leisure Suit Larry (that stuff belongs in a museum), my ties, some shoes that I almost never wear, and the old Playboys my dad gave me.

I had completely forgotten about those by the way, I just saw them for the first time in years last week. I moved some shirts I never wear aside, and sitting there on a shelf was my dad’s old magazines. I smiled briefly to myself, remembered the moment of male bonding when he gave them to me, remembered a time several years before that where I got in trouble because they were found under my bed, and then put the shirts back into place.

To clarify, my dad didn’t have a lot of Playboys, it’s like 3, and they were very special issues, like the 50th anniversary issue, stuff like that.

So there you go, a glimpse into my closet.







Unlike my two books (“The Great Platypus Caper” and “The Coconut Monkey Horror”) I can not promise that each entry in my 642 things to write about series will be true stories drawn from my life, I’ll leave the amount of truth in each entry up to your imagination.
Want to stretch your writing muscles as well? Post your response to the writing prompt in the comments section. I’d love to see it.


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